Frequently Asked Questions

Are your boots sold in pairs or singles?

Our boots are sold individually – not in pairs.


Do boots come in blue/purple/pink/other colors?

At this point, no. Part of the boot testing process is extensive UV exposure, and we do not offer colors that have not been proven to hold up to these conditions. Blue, purple, and pink have all been tested multiple times, and those colors in conjunction with the boot material are not UV-stable enough to pass our standards.


Will your hoof boots work over metal shoes?

No. Our hoof boots are not designed to be used over metal shoes. They will not fit correctly and will cause your horse to trip and damage the boots.


Do I need a fresh trim before measuring?

Yes. It is always best to measure your horses hooves after a fresh trim and then make some allowance for the amount of hoof growth you have every month. Do not fit the boots tightly. It’s better to order a size with a looser fit than to order one too small. Boots that are too small will twist.


Will your hoof boots work with high heels?

While not specifically designed for high heels, with careful adjustment and installation, they have been known to work on somewhat high heels, but do not expect full performance. If your horse has high heels we suggest you communicate with your health care professional to see what can be done to lower the heels.


Do you need to use a rubber mallet to install the hoof boots like some other brands?

Absolutely not! Our boots should go on easily. If you feel the need to pound the boot on with a mallet, it’s TOO TIGHT! Boots that are too tight will likely twist.


My horse takes a certain size in Classics. What Viper size do I need?

The two boot styles use different size charts, and do not necessarily correlate between each other. For the most accurate sizing, please re-measure your horse on a fresh trim in millimeters to determine the best Viper size. 5-10mm should be added to the length and width measurements to determine the best boot size. (For example, a hoof that measures 5″ x 5″ or 127mm x 127mm would take the Viper size 135×135, as that falls right between a the measurement allowances of 5mm-10mm.)


How are Vipers sized?

Vipers are sized in a length x width format.


I want to order a size 2 in Vipers but I don’t see that size listed.

The “Classic” model uses what is often considered the “standard” size designations such as 0, 1, 2. The Vipers use a completely different size chart (found at, measured in millimeters, in a length x width format.


Can I get a cutback on my Vipers?

No, we do not do any further in-factory size modifications to the Vipers. Vipers come in a wider range of pre-formed length x width sizes. If your horse’s measurements do not fall into one of the stock Viper sizes, the boot shape will likely not be compatible with your horse’s hoof shape.


Can I use them for turnout?

No. Renegades are designed for performance purposes only, and are not intended to be used for turnout purposes or as a therapeutic boot.


The boots are twisting. Why?

A boot that is too tight on the hoof will twist. Too narrow of a boot shell, or a captivator that is too tight and not able to be positioned properly on the heel bulbs will cause the boot to twist. If the captivator is tight or difficult to pull up onto the heel bulbs, the cables should be lengthened. A tight boot shell that is difficult to get on the hoof is too small and a larger size is needed.


The boot came apart/cables pulled loose. Is the boot broken?

The cables will pull out of the front of the boot if the set screws are not tight, or if the cables are stacked or crossed on top of each other inside the cable clamp. Set screws need to be tight, and cables should lay parallel to each other.