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Horse Hoof Boots

The World;s Highest Performing Hoof Boots!

Made In USA!
The One That Works!
The Strap-on Hoof Boot that conquered Tevis!

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World's Best strap on Hoof Boots are made in the USA. Available factory direct or from your hoof care practitioner. Great for endurance racing and trail riding. If you need the ultimate hoof that will not rub even for distances of 100 miles and does so without the need for accessories such as vet wrap, leg wraps, stocking, socks, duct tape, sports tape, glue, screws, metal teeth and the like. Learn about natural hoof care. Learn how to trim your horse. Learn how to trim your horses hooves. Hoof trimming school. Natural Hoof Care Practitioner. Hoof boots and hoof trimming and easy to use hoof boots are the way to the future. Horse back riders will benefit from going barefoot. I want to go barefoot. Hoof Boot Review provides information on various hoof boots. Bare back riding goes hand in hand with bare hooves and natural hoof care and people who use bitless bridles. Endurance riders are learning how much better their horses go when barefoot and using hoof boots, especially Renegade Hoof Boots. Rodeo horses go barefoot too. Barrel racers are discovering the traction and health benefits of throwing the metal horse shoe in the trash in favor of natural hoof care. Learn how to trim your horses hoof wall, bars, frog and sole. Wild Mustangs offer us an example of what is natural in the horse. This includes hoof conformation and natural Lifeway parameters. The best horseshoe is no shoe at all. The best horse shoe is no horse shoe at all. The best horseshoe for endurance racing is no horseshoe at all. The best horse shoe for flat track racing is no metal horseshoe at all. The 2010 AERC National Championships were won by a horse wearing Renegade Hoof boots. Valerie Kanavy uses Renegade Hoof Boots. Compare Hoof boots. More and more horses competing in the AERC American Endurance Ride Conference are turning to barefoot. Valerie Kanavy and Spectacular Gold compete in the Pan American Endurance Championships taking Bronze.

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