Renegade® Classic – Yellow Gold

Sold in single boots, e.g. quantity of 1 is 1 single boot, select 2 for 1 pair. Each increment of 2 will be treated as a pair insofar as initial strap setup for left and right use. Use the note box to request “Left” or “Right” for any remainder boot if an odd number is ordered.

The Renegade® Hoof Boot is manufactured in the United States by Lander Industries Inc. and represents the leading edge of hoof boot technology available today. As a complete substitute for the traditional nailed on iron shoe, the Renegade® Hoof Boot offers the horse and owner a safer, more natural, and more comfortable lifestyle. To be used only as needed while on a casual trail ride or competitive endurance race, the Renegade® Hoof Boot is an easy to use, high performance hoof boot that will take you to the finish line with confidence.

Starting at $109.95 – Priced per 1 Boot


Starting at $109.95 – Priced per 1 Boot

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