Pro-Comp Glue-On Hoof Boots

The Competition Proven Renegade® Pro-Comp Glue-On
Now Patented!

Originally developed as a specialized glue-on in 2001 and now Patented after a recent design update, the Renegade® Pro-Comp Glue-On provides an easily installed alternative to the strap on hoof boot when extra protection is needed for the naturally trimmed barefoot horse.

Available in numerous Renegade® colors and in sizes 00, 0-Narrow, 0, 1, 2, 2W, and 2WW (CLASSIC sizing).

side view renegade glue on
bottom view

The Renegade® Pro-Comp Glue-On has been proven at the highest levels of endurance competition all around the world, including rides like the Tevis Cup, Virginia City 100, Big Horn 100, Australia’s Tom Quilty, AERC National Championship, Australia’s Shazada multi-day ride, countless AERC Pioneer and XP multi-day rides, and more. From the Sierra Nevada mountains and rocks to the Midwestern mud to the sands of the UAE, the Renegade® Pro-Comp Glue-On has done it all.

Tevis Cup
Horse boots
Tennessee Mahoney

Tennessee Mahoney is another rider whom had great success with Pro-Comp Glue-Ons in 2008.

Diane Stevens and her mare ELATION, rip down a hard packed gravel road and blast across the finish line to win the 2008 AHA Region V, 50 mile Championship in a blistering 4 hours and 39 minuets using Renegade® Pro-Comp Glue-Ons.
ELATION also received the highly coveted Best Condition Award!

Tevis Cup Winners (three times) Jeremy and Heather Reynolds pull shoes and go barefoot for the 2008 ride season. Using Renegade® strap on boots for training and the Pro-Comp Glue-Ons for competition, they have an excellent year resulting in 20 top tens, 13 wins (two at 100 mile distance) and 8 Best Condition awards for a total of 1,900 competition miles. Why do Jeremy and Heather use Renegade® Hoof Boots? In Jeremy’s words “They Work!”

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