Renegade® Pro-Comp Glue-On – Dragon Fire Red

Starting at $19.95- Priced per 1 Boot


Pro-comp Glue-Ons hoof boots for horses are the latest innovation in hoof wear, providing superior protection against rocks, shock and concussion. The hoof boots feature the same proven tread design as the Renegade strap on boot, with an added layer of protection for the hoof. The boots are also excellent for traction on most surfaces, making them ideal for horses that compete in cross-country or other high-speed disciplines. In addition to their many performance benefits, Pro-comp Glue-On boots are also easy to apply and remove, making them a convenient option for busy riders. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate in hoof protection or simply want an easy-to-use boot that will keep your horse’s feet in top condition, Pro-comp Glue-Ons will keep you and your horse on the trail.

(Please Note: Unless otherwise requested, size 0 and 1 are now featuring the Viper® tread pattern. Other sizes will follow in the future.)

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