The Best Hoof Boots for Horses – 2022

Hoof Boots for Horses – Reviews

Hoof boots aren’t just for show! Although our hoof boots are both beautiful and functional, they’re an important part of protecting your horse’s feet from sharp objects like stones that could chip or break them. The sturdy soles give traction on any terrain, which makes it less likely they’ll trip over something while walking and cause injury to themselves in the process.

While there are many ways to protect your horse’s hooves , some owners prefer not using horseshoes. Hoof boot sfor horses are an excellent choice for barefoot horses as they provide excellent protection and traction on the trail.

The only way to ensure that your horse’s hooves are comfortable and supported while they wear their hoof boots, is by ensuring a proper fit. Because hoof size varies, we sell our hoof boots individually, ensuring the best fit for each hoof.

Renegade Hoof Boots Classic Hoof Boots for Horses

Renegade Classic Sport Orange
Cosmic Orange Hoof Boot for Horses

Renegade Hoof Boots – Viper Hoof Boots for Horses

Renegade Hoof Boots Pro-Comp Glue On Hoof Boots for Horses

Renegde Glue On Hoof Boot for Horses